Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PR S6 Ep2 Pt II: Bawk-Bawk!

At Mood, designers are scrambling. Shirin chirps happily upon finding the perfect fabric to line to coat she's making. Q loses her shit trying to get everything she needs -- Tim tells her to breathe. Q refers to herself as being "focused" and needing to "stay centered." Stay centered? You have to get centered first, girl.

Back to the workroom, the flurry of measuring and cutting begins. The pregnancy pillow takes up more fabric than Irina anticipated. Althea wants to make a ribbon bodice with a jersey bottom for comfort. Q and Chris are going in a different direction than they'd originally intended, but are happy. Louise is making a 20's negligee-inspired cocktail dress with hand-dyed lace. Unnecessary Apostrophe wants to go in a more tailored, refined direction, as opposed to the "draping, flowing, goddess-y, Pea In The Pod" dresses that he assumes everyone else will make. Malvin interviews about fertility and eggs and bird's nests and says, a bit pretentiously, "This look is called The Mother Hen." Oh, god, here we go.

(Total off-topicness: Unnecessary Apostrophe has really pretty eyes.)

Shirin is lattice-smocking the waist of her deep wine-colored dress, which looks really cool, and other designers come over to check it out. Everyone thinks it's great (seems like few of them have actually seen it done) but Shirin says "the only problem is, it takes a while. All Good Things Take a While. Is that the saying?" Not even close, cutie, but we don't mind.

Althea thinks that Malvin's egg-inspired design is looking really cool, and she's looking forward to seeing it finished. (I come from the future to tell you, Althea, noo, you don't.) The thing is, at this initial stage, with the simplest of draping, it's looking pretty interesting, which kind of doubles the disappointment. But I'm getting too far ahead.

Mitchell's so paranoid because of last week, he's using t-shirt fabric for his top. There will be gathered shorts. "Cute little shorts." Little, Mitchell? The montage that follows is so fucking funny, you just have to see it for yourself:

This had us rolling at Chez Boogie. Bwahahaha, those shorts are just, I don't even know, he's cracked.

Day Two! Tim comes by for his walkthrough.

He starts with Althea. He likes her look but convinces her to present it as an evening look. Louise is worried that her dress looks too much like a nightgown. Tim tells her that if her "viscera" (Reason #78) tells her it's off, then adjust, and she agrees. Mitchell, with the now-much-smaller but still suspiciously-large gathered shorts, explains to Tim that he's doing t-shirt fabric because he's worried about nakeyness again. (Poor guy's traumatized by that whole thing. It's OK Mitchell, models in Paris show their boobies all the time.) Shirin is making a wool coat to go with her dress. Tim cautions her to make sure the styling of the coat is right.

Malvin tells Tim his concept is "fertility." The "wacky-whacked" background music gets going. Malvin brings up the "hen with her egg" idea (Earth to Malvin: not a good idea. For anyone, ever.) He's using feathers. Then he says the crazypants thing about jodhpurs like chicken thighs, and Tim says "Oh, Malvin," in the sort of exasperated-disbelief way I've never heard him use on PR before, not even with Suede. His eyes almost roll right out of his head, onto the floor, and down the hall. "I'm not bored," Tim says, tactfully.

Unnecessary Apostrophe is doing a color-blocked dress in purple with what look like gray racing stripes pointing right to the baby. It makes the stomach look gigantic. There's another very funny sequence where Mitchell pronounces UA's dress "a liiiittle bit like a bowling bag," which shocks UA. "It looks really good, you'll probably win," Mitchell tries, but UA's like "I gotta leave the room." "It looks better from here," Mitchell says in the next room. "Oh my god, it's a bowling-bag!" UA half-cries. "It's very streamlined," Mitchell offers. I shoot tea out my nose.

Louise is adding some layering to her dress to make it less nightgown-like. Malvin's dress is getting more chicken-y, with a black feathered bodice. Q interviews that Cueball's jacket is ugly and outdated (it is -- he admits it looks kinda "Easter Sunday") and that Rebecca wouldn't even dust in it. Then she catches herself and says, "That's mean." Hee.

The models come in for their fittings, and there is much laughter and shrieking when trying on the preggo-bellies. Cueball is trying to do a Miss J. and teach his model to walk. Tim spanks UA (not literally, you perverts) for taking more than the allotted time with his model. All too soon, the day is over and it's time to go home for the night.

Next time: Runway Time!

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