Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PR S6 Ep3 Pt IV: Crack, anyone?

Okay, now that I've had that drink and a nice long nap, let's wrap this shit up.

Louise/Althea, Logan/Christopher, and Shirin/Carol are the "good enough" group. What?? Q/Epperson and Nicolas/Gordana have the lowest scores, leaving Johnny/Irina and UA/Togwida at the top. This is what I'm talking about with the crack, because this is all kinds of backasswards. Gordana looks like she's waiting for the judges to say, "Haaaa, kidding!"

Johnny/Irina's look is the favorite of Rachel Bilson. Nina likes the back a lot. Azria complements the top of their Truffle.

UA begins explaining his vision for the dress, and Heidi interrupts with a "aren't you the team leader, Mitchell?" Togwida completely fails to explain the garments and it essentially admits that he worked on the bathing suit, but that's it. Hear that bell tolling, Togwida? It tolls for thee, buddy. UA explains all the work he did. The judges, for some reason, really like the godawful neoprene dress.

Low scorers come out. Q immediately complains that Epperson "basically took over," Epperson rolls his eyes, and the two proceed to embarrass themselves by arguing in front of the judges. Heidi makes the most hilarious rolley-eyes face I've ever seen. Even the other designers are rolling their eyes at these two. Max Azria points out that you can't be a designer if you're not a team player. Nina asks about the Turd Suit, "What *is* this?" No one has an answer, including any of us at home.

Time for Nicolas and Gordana to explain their work. Heidi points out that the dye job on their bathing suit is beautiful, but the pants are very messy. The avant garde look she describes, kindly, as "not classy." Gordana, who is getting more awesome with each ep, compliments Nicolas' ideas for the organza top (the only part of the look I personally thought was good). Nina says they went "too sexy." Again, a kind way of saying "SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN PROSTITUTE ON ACID." If only the skirt were longer and they'd ditched the lacy crap.

The judges deliberate. Johnny/Irina did well. Heidi says she would wear UA's peestain neoprene dress "with some tweaking." Like, ripping it apart and starting all over? However, Togwida doing nothing hits a sore spot with Heidi. Same with all of us, Frau Klum. Nicolas/Gordana just totally missed with the garter/chaps thing. Azria liked the swimsuit. They talk about Q and Ep, and Azria calls Q "weak" because she let Ep just take over. They do like the top of their first dress. But it's not even! This bugs.

Decision time. UA is the winner?! Okay, I want to know where the judges are hiding the crack pipe. To his credit, UA is as surprised as we are. Johnny/Irina and Nicolas/Gordana are safe. Ep is safe. That leaves Q and Togwida standing on the runway. Heidi notes that never in the history of PR has a member of the winning team gone home. Well, that's about to change: three strikes, and Togwida is out. Azria says Togwida is a "nice guy," but sadly he's a nice guy who can't sew. Laters, No-Sew!

Well, that was right up there as the crappiest Runway ep ever. Please let the rest of the season be better than this!

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