Sunday, September 13, 2009

PR S6 Ep4 Pt.III: Okay, that wasn't so bad

Remaining on the runway, we've got Johnny, Q, Epperson, Althea, Logan, and Carol.

We start with Carol. Marc Bouwer loves the juxtaposition of the draped top with the "sharp edge" skirt. Jennifer and Zoe similarly comment on how much they love the soft/hard mix. We can see the dress better now, and yes, the skirt has a swirly-leafy pattern on it that's quite nice. The draping is done well, too.

Logan is next. Uh-oh! The judges have "no, cheap, tacky, prom." Yeah, that pretty much covers it. Marc comments on the thickness of the top part, which was apparently caused by Logan gettting the wrong fabric and doubling it to try to hide the floral pattern it had. Logan, you're cute and you're wearing nifty pants, but that can't make up for this dress.

Moving on... Epperson's turn. The judges are pleased. His model explains her inspiration. Heidi looks at her like she's nuts, but she loves the dress - but comments that the model needs boobie help. Marc thinks it's fine. Nah, you're right, Heidi.

Cueball's turn! Man, that dress really is dull isn't it? Jennifer wrote on her card: "The purse is the most interesting thing about this outfit." Heidi says "bridesmaid." Ouch! Zoe comments on the curse of "wearable." Johnny takes the criticism well.

Q's up next. Uh-oh, Heidi says the model's been aged - in dog years no less! Jennifer is bored stiff with the plain fabric. The model is happy, but the judges are pretty cruel -- Jennifer basically says that if Valerie is happy with that dress, then "thank god" she's not a designer. Jeez, lady. She does have a point, though.

The judges love Althea's look -- erm. I can't say I agree, I liked the concept a lot more than the finished look. Heidi loves that the model walked the hell out of the look (she is a really good walker, isn't she?) Jennifer wants to leave with the jacket. So does Zoe. Looking at the outfit carefully again, I really only hate the skirt - the rest of it is good actually.

The judges deliberate. Q's dress is totally boring. Logan's dress gets a raspberry. Cueball was much too safe. Althea is awesome, Carol's dress was fabulous, and Epperson's dress was body-conscious and well-made but was a "new bra situation." (Hee!)

Decision time. Epperson is safe. Althea is the winner! Suck on that, Afghan Lady. Carol is safe. Cueball is safe. That leaves Q and Logan on the runway. (What the fuck is Q wearing? Gawd, that is a horrid grandma top.)

Q's dress was boring and looked cheap; she didn't take chances. Logan's model would stand out for all the wrong reasons. Aaaaand... Logan's in, Q is OUT! Laters, Lawn Chair Fabric!

Next week: looks like we're going to get newspaper to work with! Hmmm...

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