Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PR S6 Ep.II Part III: Workin' on Ya Leathuh

It's Runway Day! Morning in the guys' apartment. Mitchell is sure he's going home. Malvin's having some doubts. Not in the good way. He actually thinks his "egg nest" should be MORE literal. *puts head in hands*.

Back in the workroom. Nicolas' zipper has broken and he will have to sew the model into the piece. Mitchell is worried about time. I'm worried about those giant shorts. Unnecessary Apostrophe envisions a scenario where everyone else is off the mark ("hot messes!") and he's the sole contestant who understands that they're designing for Rebecca Romijn. If they were designing a bag for Rebecca Romijn's bowling ball, that scenario would be totally correct. (Sorry UA! I'm betting he got edited into that one.)

A moment later, however, UA redeems himself forever in my eyes: he hears Logan hammering and is like, "You think you're Stella now?" followed by a little impression: "Workin' on ya leathuh." High-freaking five, UA.

Blah blah, Garnier, L'Oreal, Macy's, models. There are so many outfits to get through, let's just cut right to the Runway, yes? Besides, we don't need to rehash Malvin's insanely self-conscious egg pun. Really, we don't.

This week, La Kors has been switched out for Monique Lhullier, and the guest judge is, of course, Romijn. Heidi reminds the designers that all of the judges have been pregnant.


Logan shows us a sleeveless white top with interesting seams and a gold leather collar with a little cutout in the back, over little knee-length leggings. It's very cute, and totally safe and unremarkable.

Shirin's dress and coat ensemble turned out fantastic. The fit is flattering, the coat is lined and practical, it's stylish and looks expensive.

Nicolas turns in another veddy-veddy short outfit. The black skirt keeps riding up as the model walks, which worries him. The top is okay, with a sheer overlay. It's not terribly practical, but not terrible.

Christopher's cranberry-purple dress is very cute. There's a high waist with a bit of black trim, and pin-tucking on the top. I hate one-shouldered tops, but will give him a pass on that. I also normally hate bubble hems, though the look ends up balancing out the about-to-pop size of the preggo-pillow. I wouldn't call it curve-enhancing, more like curve-covering.

Mitchell interviews that he thinks his model looks hip in her Big Girl Pants. He'd realized that morning that he'd over-gathered the shorts and they looked sloppy. And they look verrry sloppy. The whole look, actually, is poorly-fitted and looks pretty bad. It's sort of like the Funhouse version of an outfit Rebecca might wear.

Q's model is bouncing that pillow all over the place! Good thing it's not a real baby in there. The dress is this weird salmon color that unfortunately does not flatter the model, but the style is as understated as her last look was gaudy. It's a flowing halter-style that twists around the neck.

Oh geez, Epperson... His model's wearing a tent with a belt over it. But wait! She whips it off to reveal... a catsuit? For a nine-months'-very-pregnant woman?! How is she going to get it off to pee every 10 minutes? It makes the belly look enormous and strange and just... Oh, Epperson. I have to applaud him for going with a very different idea, but there's a reason you don't see maternity catsuits very often.

Louise's dress is so freaking cute. I know I keep saying "cute," but that's what a lot of these looks went for. It's a beautiful shade of red, and the lace and hand detailing looks great. My favorite part is how she chose to cope with the nightgown-y thing by incorporating several graduated layers into the skirt part, and it's flattering and lovely and looks well-made.

Gordana's little black dress over leggings is very chic, with interesting straps, a flattering cut, and an almost-incongruous but somehow-fitting jacket. I like the hem.

Cueball's is pretty disappointing, actually. It's drab, dark gray, and has what looks like a crumpled ball of ribbon tacked to one shoulder. The Shoulder Poof embellishment really needs to look like it has a reason to be there. This one just looks... there. The dress is also kind of a weird length, and I'm rarely a fan of piping.

Malvin - BAWK BAWK he thinks it's flattering to a woman's body BAWK BAWK omg haaaa. It's even worse than it was the day before. There's all this weird rolling/gathering on one side and there are feathers and... well, at least he didn't follow through with the chicken-thigh jodphurs.

Unnecessary Apostrophe - The "HERE'S MAH BEBEH!!!!!" effect caused by the color-blocking is even more pronounced under the runway lights. It's just so wrong in so many ways, which is sad because he really tried to follow his idea through and it's so weird-looking, and not in the good way. Sorry dude, it's a total bowling ball bag. Even the ghost of Stella Past couldn't help you.

Carol's dress is a great color, which is the only thing it's got going for it. A wide toga-like sash cradles the bottom of the belly, which just looks like curtains. The top is all small and ruffly-weird and there's a pointless coat.

Althea's evening gown turned out to be elegant, chic, and wearable. The cups on the bodice are definitely too small, which she also noticed earlier in the day, but otherwise it's a great entry.

Irina's dress has fit problems. The dress is too short overall with nothing underneath, and the front under the belly is even shorter. I kinda hate the poof-embellishment (really, that trend needs to go) at the waist. The color is lovely and I like the accenting trim, except for the hem, where it's so wide that it reminds me of those bedspreads that have the satin trim at one end.

Louise, Mitchell, Althea, Malvin, Shirin, and UA have top and bottom scores, and everyone else leaves the stage.

Next Time: Someone's Auf!

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