Saturday, September 5, 2009

PR S6 Ep3 Pt I: Surf's Up! Oh wait, no, that's my lunch.

This week, our designers are brought to the beach to meet with a group of surfers. The challenge? Work in teams of two to design a surf wear look. The catch? Of course there will be one! The best part of the whole beach outing? This:

Tim in sandals and shades!!! The squeeing at Chez Boogie was deafening. I was worried that Tim would explode into flames from all the sun, though. (Speaking of sun, was it *really* necessary, Director, to film the designers with the sun striking them full in the face? That looked painful and I'm sure they had to stand there for a long time.)

There's a big deal made about the hairstyles the Garnier team will be doing (which turns out to be pointless, as little mention is made of it anywhere else in the episode). Team leaders are chosen at random (I guess? There's no hint as to how they were chosen) and each captain gets to pick a teammate. Shirin picks Carol, Logan picks Christopher, Nicolas chooses Gordana, Mitchell picks Unnecessary Apostrophe, Althea chooses Louise, Q picks Epperson, and Johnny is left with Hottie Irina. What kills me is that Mitchell chooses UA because he needs someone who can carry him through the challenge. Stay klassy, Mitch! Poor UA feels like he has "a giant bullseye" on him, having to work with Mitchell.

The teams get 20 minutes to talk to the surfers, sketch, and decide which of their models to use. Q and Epperson are already starting to clash - she thinks Epperson is acting like her teacher, and she's "not no damn student." Rawr! Nicolas dismisses the information the surfers give him, interviewing with a disgusted sneer that "hoodies and little sweatshirts are not for the runway." Well, my comrade, I think they are this week, since that's what surfers wear and that's the challenge you've been given.

At Mood, the designers only get 15 minutes and $50- to get their supplies. Madness! Oh boy, Q is already ready to shiv Epperson. They don't agree on one single thing. And I have to say, I think I understand why Eppy has been so quiet in these first eps: he's kind of a controlling asshole. But rather than be assertive, Q kind of lets him steamroller her and then gets all passive-aggressive about it. This isn't going to go very well, is it? UA and Mitchell aren't doing so well together, either, disagreeing on fabrics and generally giving each other the verbal side-eye.

In the workroom, work begins. Johnny and Irina seem excited about their look, which will be "bohemian, hippy, beachy." Nicolas will be dyeing the black-and-white fabric strips he's holding; Gordana agrees with him that they don't want them looking zebra-like ("No animal prints, ever!" says Nicolas, hilariously). Nicolas is doing an "ombre of macrame" with the hand-dyed fabric for the bathing suit, and he's going to "bring back the wraparound pant." Oh, dear. The macrame thing sounds really interesting, though.

Epperson is all barfy in the face over the colors that Q has chosen. She does have a bit of a "taste level" problem with colors - this time, it's a gloriously hideous lime green. They're bickering at their station. In interview, Ep clearly understands that she is the leader, he is the assistant - so why does his demeanor say otherwise in the workroom? He says the tension is likely due to their mutual fear that this shit will go sideways. I'd like to extend that keen observation to note that her ambivalence about authority (leading to anxiety set off by controlling personalities, and an inability to cope with that anxiety) and subsequent passive-aggressive response, plus Epperson's controlling/perfectionist nature, which it seems is indulged without question back at home and thus he cannot cope either, will absolutely make this shit go sideways. That'll be $400; please make the check out to Dr. Boogie.

Sorry, where were we? Drama with the other chalk-and-cheese couple, UA and Mitchell. Or, UA and The Other Guy Who Isn't Doing Anything. Mitchell, you are now TOGWIDA. He does his "I'm so cute on TV," thing, which would be fine if he were also working. Mug and cut, Togwida. UA has realized he's in it, sans paddle. Honey, you're going to need a power motor, because 3 hours before End of Day, Tim comes in, and Surprise! You have to create a second look!

Next up: Claws out all over the place!

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