Saturday, September 12, 2009

PR S6 Ep4 Pt II: Model Mayhem and WHERE'S KORS??

Ah, clothes! Here come the models for their fittings. Johnny's model wants more oomph in the bust. He starts to cut into the bodice and she gets all bossy and he says, calmly but sharply "Don't. Tell me what to do. I don't tell you how to model." He thinks better of that and quickly adds, "Yes, I do tell you how to model, don't I?" Hee. Althea's model is super-happy. Logan's worried that, although Kojii likes his "goth Cinderella" look, people at the party will be looking at her for the wrong reasons. Me, too.

Q's worried that her dress, though it's looking a lot better than it did, is too simple. Shirin is having some major consternation over her outfit. It's obvious that her vision and her model's vision are not meshing. Yikes. I want to see more footage of Gordana's woven gold dress!

Before we know it, it's the next day! Another lingering morning shot of Logan half-naked, with wet hair, wearing silver pants. Ooh la la. He hopes his outfit will distract Heidi from looking at his dress. Ha!

2 hours to the runway show. Chris's dress really is looking like a salad. UA is doing a ruffly thing. Irina's dress looks a bit like an afghan. Althea's model is impressed with her outfit, but Irina snipes in interview that Althea's outfit would have looked better if she'd stapled it together. Okay, Afghan Lady. Nicolas snickers at Epperson's "rag" and says that Johnny's dress looks like he stomped on it. Laaaaaace Chaps!

Garnier, L'Oreal, Macy's wall. Let's get to the runway, already!

Okay, Kors is still absent. WTF? We miss you, Michael! The guest judges are Jennifer Rade, Marc Bouwer, and Zoe Glassner.

First up, Q's completely unremarkable Little Black Dress. It's really simple, one-shoulder, not especially eye-catching, though it fits the model well and I like the strap in the back. However, zzzz.

Nicolas is way too overconfident, if you ask me. His dress is a simple pearlescent sheath with a high gray neck and grey trim at the sides. The bodice does that obnoxious thing where it moves on its own independent of the body. He thinks it's a sure winner. Hm.

Irina's done yet another stupid belt ruffle. There's a cute little cropped jacket over the afghan dress. It's not particularly chic; actually it's kind of dull. Another zzz over here.

Gordana's minidress is gorgeous. It's gold, with elbow-length sleeves and very cool weaving in the front, and it fits the model beautifully.

Shirin's dress came out adorable after all! The blue isn't obnoxious, the dress flows nicely on the model - though it's a little short - and there's some cool straps on the back. Heidi does that "I want that" face where she's staring at the model while writing furiously on her card. Good for Shirin for standing up to her client and not producing the initial idea.

Next, we have Logan's dress. Oh, dear. It is *totally* a prom dress. And it doesn't look well-made, either. The black bodice is simple and thick-looking, with spaghetti straps, and the blue skirt is too big and stiff and moves strangely. On the bright side, it's not particularly Smurfy.

Chris's dress is... it's not badly made or ugly, but I hate it. It reminds me of lime green crepe paper. His model wanted to emphasize her small waist, but the shape of this dress doesn't do that - with its high waist and dropped sash, it makes her look quite straight.

Epperson's model looks hawt in her dress! It comes dangerously close to looking trashy, and the bust isn't fitted well (and she's got some Side Boobage that is not classy) but overall it's not a bad effort. Given the demands she made, it's kind of a triumph that he managed to make her happy.

Johnny's dress isn't that interesting, but it's cute with lots of detailing. I'm not totally crazy about how mono-color it is, and the skirt is a bit too structured, but the model is happy and looks good.

Althea's outfit... yikes, I thought it was going to look better. The skirt looks all bunchy and strange and messy, and the top is ordinary, though the jacket is pretty cool.

Oooh, Louise's dress is beautiful! It's a sleeveless black mindress with a big ruffle around the neck, beautifully fitted and chic.

UA's dress is a completely unremarkable blue strapless minidress with a gigantic fabric flower-poof covering most of the chest. Well, she'll certainly stand out!

Carol shows us a high-waisted dress with an interesting purple bodice and a sleek dark skirt with a texture or print on it, I can't really see what it is, it looks sort of alligator-y. There's a little swingy ruffle on the back. It's quite nice, not to my taste but well-made.

Louise, Irina, Chris, Nicolas, Gordana, Shirin, and UA are safe! Really? I would've put Louise's and Gordana's dresses in the top three for sure. Oh well, next time we'll find out who wins and who goes home.

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