Monday, September 7, 2009

PR S6 Ep3 Pt. II - Avant Gaaaagh

Oh, dear. They've shoehorned an avant garde challenge onto the back of a surfwear challenge? Each team will get $200- and 20 minutes at Mood the next day to create their second look, which is supposed to relate to their first look. Forgive me for thinking that this challenge was done the stupid way around.

There's slightly more clarity coming to the Epperson/Q mess - yes, he's a control freak and doesn't seem to trust that she knows what she's doing, but she's entirely unwilling to work with him. He's right that they need to understand each other every step of the way; she just verbally shoves him aside. Of interest for later: he points out a potential unevenness in the chest part of the gown and she essentially brushes him off.

Scandal! Tim comes in to let Carol know that her model, Erika, has taken a commercial job and cannot be present for the fitting, and that she can choose another model instead. There's a ton of pressure on Carol because her partner Shirin has immunity, and she needs to be able to fit the gown, so she picks Valerie as a replacement. I'm pretty happy to see Valerie come back, actually. From what I've heard Erika is trying to pursue acting anyway, so it all works out.

Oh look! They do mention Garnier again, why didn't I remember that? I think because it's about 20 seconds' worth of footage. We get a quick look inside the salon area, a little Product Placement, a couple of sketches and a smidge of actual consultation, then it's over. As a fan of bizarre avant garde hair, this lack of footage gives me the sads.

It's now become very apparent that Togwida is just trying to coast, can't sew anything, and is content to mug around while UA works his hands off. I do see him ironing while mugging, but it's all very leisurely and not at all like they have about a minute to turn out two looks. Poor UA is having his mellow totally harshed by the lack of support and teamwork. You know, Togwida came across as so affable at first that it's odd now to want to throttle him, but I do. I've seen, and agree with, comments around the Web sympathizing with whoever it was that didn't get chosen because Togwida was picked, because this guy doesn't even seem interested in competing.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts... It's Tim Time! Let's see what some of these kids are working on. Johnny and Irina are doing something with macrame; Tim seems cautiously intrigued. Ep and Q have a 'dress' that's really a bikini-style top with a sort of sarong bottom and a peel-off (??) waist panel. Tim likes it when it's all assembled, but thinks that when the waist panel is removed, the look loses all its sophistication. (They do need to do something about the front of the skirt being open so high up.) Shirin and Althea are doing a long dress in a beautiful blue fabric, but we get almost no time to see what they're actually doing before Tim is off again (though he seems pleased, as do they) and over to Nicolas and Gordana and their first look. I don't personally like the bathing suit, but the fact that it's all macrame is awesome. The suit is paired with a pair of white, flowy wrap pants.

Tim's response to UA and Togwida's avant-garde look: "WHAT is THAT?" complete with confused gesture. UA is a little scared by Tim's reaction to his bronzey scuba-inspired jumpsuit. Tim may hate it, but really, as a scifi costume I think it's brilliant. It reminds me of something that Sikozu would have worn on Farscape. And it is a different and interesting use of the material. However, Tim is correct that it has absolutely nothing to do with their first look, which is a flowy, belted dress. UA decides to scrap it entirely and start over. Geez, he's going to have to scramble - there are mere hours left to work, and his partner is of zero help.

Next time: Runway Day!

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