Thursday, September 3, 2009

PR S6 Ep2 Pt IV: Don't Count Your...

Okay darlings, let's get this one wrapped up before the new eppy tonight!

We've got the top 3 and bottom 3 up on the stage: Shirin, Mitchell, Louise, Malvin, Althea, and Unnecessary Apostrophe.

The judges start with UA. Lhullier finds it "busy" and the construction, sloppy. The rest of the judges chime in with how "HERE'S THE BABY" it looks with the racing stripes. I'm just noticing the titscrepancy happening, too.

Louise made the bust of her dress with pleating so that it could expand with growing pregnancy boobies, which is great. Romijn likes that it's a bit like lingerie and says she'd wear it on a date with her husband, which gets a wolf-whistle from Heidi. Rebecca's all "whatever, hobag." Lhullier thinks it's well-made.

Rebecca loves the fit and appropriateness of Althea's dress. Lhullier remarks on the tiny cups in the bodice, but again, likes the construction. Nina likes the length. Heidi thinks it's beautiful overall.

Uh-oh, here's Malvin's "day look" with his Mother Hen shtick thing. He thinks it has "a touch of sophistication and chicness." It's apparent that none of the judges are impressed with the result of his vision. They all think it looks like she's had the baby and is carrying it in a sling. Heidi wonders if anyone wants to look like a chicken with an egg.

Mitchell's Big Girl Pants are up next. "She's a mess," says Nina. "A pregnant mess," adds Heidi. Rebecca kindly says that she appreciates where he was going but that the execution just didn't work out. Especially next to some of the other looks up there, Mitchell's poor model looks like she rummaged through a Dumpster for her outfit. Poor Mitchell looks like he's about to go to the gallows.

Cutie Shirin is up next. Rebecca loves the coat and the lattice-smocked waistline. Lhullier thinks it's excellent and that Shirin should go into maternity wear. It really is a fantastic outfit. Nina comments that it's versatile and very nicely done.

The judges chat. Rebecca makes the dreaded "bowling ball bag" comment about UA's dress. If Mitchell's shorts had been well-done, they would wear them, but Heidi thinks they look like something she would sew -- and she can't sew. Malvin's is, well, ridiculous - nobody wants to look chickeny or like an egg. They try to hand it to him for having a concept, but... bwah bwah. On the other hand, they love Shirin's - pronouncing it "the most wearable," and love the shape , color, and side draping on Althea's dress. Louise's is also a favorite, but Nina wonders about it being so lingerie-like - but Heidi points out how intricate and well-done it was.

Decision time. Shirin wins! Well-done, girlie. I'd have been happy with any of the top 3 winning, but hers did *just* edge out the others.

Malvin and Mitchell are the bottom two, unsurprisingly. And the Auf goes to... Malvin! I have to say, I'm really relieved. The stupid models were squawking backstage about how Malvin was so sweet and nice and blahblah but I'm sorry, I'm just out of patience with these "designers" who come on and talk all this bollocks about "concept" and then just make fugly, unwearable clothes. A lot of people think Mitchell should have gone instead, and I can understand -- he cannot sew. But he's not full of shit, either. So far, the two bullshittiest designers have gone, and I'm totally happy with that. No Suedes, Vincents, or Blaynes this year!

See you next time, chickens! (Haw, did I just say that?) Don't miss Ep 3, on tonight at 10! Methinks that unless Mitchell pulls out something amazing, he's going home.

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