Saturday, September 19, 2009

PR S6 Ep5 Pt. IV: Preposterousness!

OK, let's get to the judging!

They begin by talking to Althea.  Eva loves the shape of the dress.  Hilfiger thinks it's "pretty genius."  Zoe calls it "exquisite" and says that if it weren't made of paper, she'd want to wear it.  Me, too!

Okay, is it just me, or do the judges have it in for Gordana?  She made a perfectly good dress yet somehow is in the bottom three.  Heidi laments that she wanted to see something more unconventional for this challenge.  Gordana replies that she assumed that they were to take an unwearable material, and make something wearable out of it.  Her goal was to disguise the newspaper, rather than elevate it.  I don't think there's anything wrong with that -- yes, her designs have not been ambitious, but they've been beautiful and well-executed.  At the very least, it's safe, not a bottom-three.

The judges fall all over themselves about Irina's trench coat.  Hilfiger mentions Chanel, St. Laurent, Givenchy.  It is kinda Chanel, isn't it?  I still hate the lower half, though.  But damn, the collar and cuffs are gorgeous.

Heidi asks Cueball how much time he spent on his dress.  Ruh-roh!  He then repeats his lie about why he did a second dress, while claiming "I'm not making any excuses."  Lying to the judges' faces?  Such a terrible idea, I had to laugh.  I laugh even harder when he tries to claim that his first dress was like a Dior.  *wipes tears from eyes*  Dior run through an abattoir, maybe!  Nicolas, however, can't keep it under wraps and reveals that Tim actually hated Cueball's first dress.  Cueball can't keep it under wraps, either, and sarcastically thanks Nicolas for throwing him under the bus, adding, "jerk."  Stay classy, you two!

Moving on... Nicolas explains his punk inspiration.  Hilfiger says that it doesn't look punk.  Zoe apologetically says that she wrote down "looks like an insect."  As soon as she said that, I could see it: the cut of the skirt does kinda look like an exoskeleton.  Urgh, now I'm all creeped out!

Last but not least, Christopher's feathered look.  Heidi loves the skirt, and Chris knocks on the bodice to show how stiff and hard it is.  Zoe loves that the top is like armor.  Eva loves that Chris' look is different from everyone else's.  Hilfiger gives it a wow.

Discussion time!  The judges like how different Chris' look was from the others.  They love the architectural look of Althea's dress.  Irina's coat makes Eva sigh and go want-that wistful.  Gordana evokes mixed feelings -- it was well-made, but a little dull.  Nobody likes Nicolas' dress -- Heidi calls it "tacky."  Cueball's dress had a cool print, but the construction was janky.  They also don't really believe his story about the leaky iron.

Decision time:  Althea is safe.  Irina is the winner!  Really?  Hmmm.  The trench was highly cool, but a winner?  I dunno.  Of course, Christopher and Gordana are safe, leaing Nicolas and Cueball on the runway as the bottom 2.

The judges saw where Nicolas was going, but he didn't get there - they found his garment poorly-made and "artsy-craftsy." Let's hope this tamps Nic's ego a little bit. Cueball gave a lot of excuses, and his dress was a mess.  And: Cueball goes home! 

Then there's something we've never seen before: Tim comes to tell Cueball to clean up his space, with a very cold demeanor:  there's no hug, and Tim is actually adjusting his cufflinks to avoid any contact.  After Cueball leaves, Tim vents his anger to the designers: "I am incredulous at that utterly preposterous spewing of fiction that Johnny did on the runway.  It was ridiculous."  Whoa!  Did stuff happen that we didn't see?  Cause we've never seen Tim like that.  (Is it just me, or is Tim kinda sexay when he's angry?)

Next week: Another one-day challenge!  Louise jams a needle through her finger!  UA is making Kermit the Frog Gone Wrong!  Hmmm.  See you then!

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