Saturday, September 12, 2009

PR S6 Ep4 Pt I: Please let this one be better?

Previously on Project Runway: Avant garde surfwear, bickering and snickering, a whole lotta turds went down the runway, and The Other Guy Who Isn't Doing Anything, aka Mitchell, got sent home. Let's see if this week's ep is less horrendous!

We open in the guys' apartment, where Nicolas is telling Epperson and Chris that it's "time to weed out the talentless people." Okay, Lace Chaps. I think they've been doing a good job so far, actually. In the women's apartment, Q is quipping that now she'll be known as the "b-i-t-c-h." No, Q, you're just known as being passive-aggressive and having bad taste in fabrics. Gordana tries to impart some wisdom about Q not being assertive enough, which Q chooses to just ignore. Okay, then.

Challenge time! A hawt-looking Heidi tells the designers that they have 13 women who know exactly what they want, and the designers will have to make them happy. Nicolas interviews that these people could "be anything from homeless people to Eskimos." Does this asshole even think before he speaks on national TV?

Well, it happens that their clients are their models! Tim tells the designers that the models have been invited to a special event, and the designers must create an outfit for their model that will make them stand out to potential clients. 30 minutes to discuss, $100- to spend at Mood, and only one day to create the outfit.

Johnny's relieved because he's confident that he knows what his model wants. "It's like designing something for myself if I was a black girl," he interviews, and then makes this hilarious "did I just say something offensive?" face. At least someone is thinking about what they're saying!

Epperson's in trouble. His model is giving him a litany of completely contradictory/nonsensical descriptors. "Sexy, romantic, chic, elegant, classy, fitted, short, punk, tiger." Uh? Irina's model is the opposite - she's very indecisive and doesn't know what she wants until Irina mentions it.

Louise is worried that the red her model is requesting would be too "garish" for an industry event; she wants to do black and gold instead. More worrying is Shirin's model, who wants a bright royal blue catsuit with a plunging back and gold rope trim. "Are you sure this is good for this occasion?" Shirin asks, afraid that it's going to look like a tacky costume.

Kojii, Logan's model, wants something different, something 50's. Logan's worried because he's never done anything like that. Yeah, Cat-Thrower isn't here, Kojii. (By the way, Kojii is so damn pretty, isn't she?) There is some definite apprehension in the air. Except for Q, who is "really excited" about doing something curve-accentuating.

Mood scramble, then back to the work room to get to work. There's some dull footage that essentially just shows that the designers are becoming more aware of people leaving. How insightful! Luckily, Tim comes in for the walk-through.

Althea's got this great black fabric and she's doing a smoking jacket (she initially confuses Tim by calling it a "cigarette jacket"). There's a bubble-ish looking skirt and she's going to do a sash kind of thing. Tim's pretty excited about the potential "wow factor" (a phrase that needs to die die die). Christopher is doing something lime-green ( he refers to it as "emerald," maybe it's reading differently on camera) and very ruffly. He jokes that he thought Tim would call it a salad. Epperson explains all the things his model asked for, which makes Tim laugh, but the dress is actually looking pretty good, though it's awfully reminiscent of Nicolas' first dress.

Q, on the other hand, is turning out yet another drapey turd. Tim apologetically says that it looks "messy," and it does. Logan's dress is looking quite messy, too. There's a blue skirt and some kind of thick-looking black thing going on up top. Logan's worried that it will look like a "Smurf prom dress." Bwaha! Tim blanches at "prom" and says, "Don't use that word again!" Hey Tim, we won't say "prom" if you don't say "wow factor." Deal?

Carol is doing a drapey one-shoulder thing that worries Tim because it's old-looking. Gordana is doing some weaving on her bodice, but we don't get to see it, which is disappointing.

Next is a bunch of footage of Epperson talking to his family, which is touching and all (after talking to his kids, there's a poignant shot of him sewing and crying) but has nothing to do with the clothes. Show us more clothes!

Next up, in Part II: More clothes! Excellent.

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