Sunday, August 30, 2009

PR S6 Ep 3 Part I: Stork Chops

Previously, on Project Runway: The premiere saw our sixteen brave contestants gather at the new PR shindigs at FIDM in LA. The challenge: create a dress for the Red Carpet. Much hilarity, garishness and puckery seaming ensued. First Auf: Ari, the hand-standing free spirit who thought a silver space costume with pantaloons would be smashing on the Carpet.

This week's ep begins with our fifteen designers waking up in their fab apartments and chatting and voice-overing the usual musings about the previous challenge and where the next one might go. They meet up at the runway, where Heidi presents them with their Big Surprise: the Actual Celebrity Rebecca Romijn, who is extremely pregnant with twins. Their challenge: design an outfit for Rebecca that's form-fitting and fashionable. Their look can be for any event they choose: luncheon, dinner date, business, premiere, whatever. Then Rebecca does the most hilarious imitation of Heidi bidding the designers goodbye - for a second I wonder if she's actually being a bitch.

None of the designers have ever made maternity wear, with the exception of Carol, who says that it was just once, and a bridesmaid's dress, which essentially doesn't count.

Heading into the workroom, the designers discover a pregnancy pillow at each of their stations, and predictable hijinks ensue with various designers trying to figure out where exactly the pillow is supposed to go. (And not just the guys!) Epperson immediately tries his on, which got a laugh here at Chez Boogie. Gordana's been pregnant twice, so she provides proper placement tips. She interviews that she'd wanted to show off her arms and legs when pregnant, so that's going to be her focus.

Ra'mon guesses to Gordana, with this excellent Thinking Really Hard look on his face, that Rebecca is "early in her second semester." He immediately cracks up and corrects himself, but it remains one hell of an excellent TV moment.

Tim comes in to give the usual rehash of the challenge (he knows when to use "criterion" and it's yet another thing on the mile-long Why I Love Tim list). They get 30 minutes to sketch, $100- at Mood, and 2 days to complete the challenge. The winner will get immunity.

(Quick aside: Tim's hair is looking mighty yellow this season. That's a common side effect of certain heart medications. Is Tim okay?)

Sketching commences! Logan interviews that babies aren't really his "deal" and kind of scare him. Me too, mon ami. Malvin thinks he understands now what the judges want from him: "to combine concept with construction that is very wearable and fashion-forward." How about just to make shit that someone will want to wear? That'd work. Unnecessary Apostrophe is psyched about being in the Top 3 in the first episode, but is taking Kors' advice to heart, and is determined to push himself and not do something expected. This kind of goal hasn't always worked out so well for our designers, so we'll have to see what actually happens.

Tim pops back in and collects everyone for the trip to Mood. Fabric time!

Next time: Gigantic shorts are all the rage, darling.

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