Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project Runway Ep 3 Preview!

Oh my god you guys, maybe it was excess wine (but probably not, what, you think I'm some kind of drunk? *hic*) but how damn funny are the trailers for the new Lifetime eps??? If you pay attention, they are timed precisely like movie trailers. The voiceover, the editing, the buildup of the muffled-screeching music, the graphics and effects (Epperson X-Ray!), and most of all: the timing. I'm feeling affable enough that I want to high-five the editor of these things. It could easily be one of those things that becomes increasingly annoying, but hopefully it'll just stay funny throughout the season.

Sorry I didn't post the preview for Ep2, but I'm still finding my way around the new Lifetime Project Runway site, which is all-Flash, but enormous and pretty excellent. Check it out! My favorite things so far (I've only scratched the surface): the ability to watch full eps online, and the extended judging clips. (Still unsure of the best way to go about getting pics for the recaps. Wondering how cheesy it would be to recommend that people check the pics out on Lifetime instead of posting them within the recaps. Putting up images is a complete PITA - I don't know how Tom and Lorenzo (whom you should be reading by now!) manage.)

Blahblah anyway, here's the preview for Ep3, which is even funnier than its predecessor:

How "Dun-dun-DUNNN!" was that?! Run, Epperson, run awaaay!

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