Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PR S6 Ep 1 Part III: Space Halter-Diaper!

Day Two!

The designers hustle back to the FIDM workroom, and Tim comes by for his walkthrough.

Chris is working on something that reminds me of Siriano's Reese's-wrapper dress, or piles of crumpled cassette tape - a textured bodice with layers of lighter ruffled fabric below. Tim notes that there's a sophistication there, but if styled wrong things could look awful. Chris agrees.

Moving on to Ari's "geodesic dome" dress, which is currently a pile of shiny silver puffy hexagons laid out in puzzle fashion, Tim asks, "Where is this going?" Ari asks him what that means. He's asking you whether it's going to the park or to the museum, Ari. She says it's going to be a halter dress with a large hood, and gathers some pleated shiny silver fabric at the top to demonstrate. Tim worries it will look like a halter-diaper. He's not wrong. A space halter-diaper. Moving on...

Ra'mon is aiming for the "big butt factor" on his gown. I did not know this was something anyone wanted on the red carpet.

Mitchell is doing a high-collared, Victorian-style, smocked affair that looks like it came from Miss Havisham's closet. The fabric is really beautiful, but Tim is a bit confused by the heaviness of it all.

When I saw what Q was working on, I wrote down "RUCHED VOMIT!" Tim pauses, and pauses, and essentially leaves without comment. I feel ya, Tim.

The models enter for their fittings. Mitchell notes that his model is much larger than the stats given to him. This is a standard occurrence - agencies always lie on those cards - but apparently she is *five inches* larger, which is going to be a huge problem. Because he fully smocked the dress, he'll have to remake it completely. Yikes.

All too quickly, fitting time is up. The designers have until midnight to finish, with only a tiny bit of time the next day. (Nanoseconds, according to Tim. Wow, that's precise.)

Ari's outfit is indeed looking like a space halter diaper. In interview, Irina kindly says that Ari's conceptual point of view is "valid." Her face says, "crazypants."

Next day, we see poor Mitchell under that pressure he spoke of thriving off, realizing that all he has to work with is his collar and some pantyhose-looking nude nylon fabric, and is going to have to do something to avoid sending a naked model down the runway. He asks his model if she can handle being sewn into the dress, and she says, "I can handle anything." Except the TRUTH, apparently. (I josh - the agency does the cards, not the models. But damn, five inches, that's pushing it.) He begins building a dress around the model, wrapping layers of fabric to try to cover the see-throughness.

Tim comes in to wrangle all the designers and their models, and off we go to the runway. Nina! Kors! Can't wait to see them again.

Next time: Time to (barely) see the results of the first challenge!

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