Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PR S6 Ep1 Part IV: Runway Time!

After being accessorized by Macy's, do'ed by Garnier and L'Oreal, and fitted into their garments, the models and their designers head for the runway.

It's so nice to see Nina Garcia (now with Marie Claire) and Michael Kors (now with extra orange) again! Heidi announces the guest judge... it's: "Actress/Singer/Fashion Desbigner" Lindsay Lohan! I wouldn't exactly call her a fashion designer. She did come out with a line of leggings with... knee pads. Um.

First up, Althea's design. It's a halter-strap gown in a pale silvery-blue with a high waist and what looks like wads of used tissue stuck to the bodice. She was aiming for "old Hollywood glamor" and while it's not a bad dress (save the used-tissue motif), it's a bit boring.

Gordana's dress is cocktail length, in a very interesting blue-zircon color, with an impractical but really cool-looking origami bodice. I found myself wishing it were more gown-like, though.

Malvin... erm, um, eee... not cute. Weird material, weird length, looks a bit like the costume for a one-shot character on Star Trek. His androgynous POV does come through, and it's pretty sporty-looking. Like an alien tennis dress. But red carpet? Not so much.

Louise did a lovely two-tone dress with this big ruffled creature over one shoulder. She's disappointed that the two fabrics didn't contrast more on the runway, but it's cute enough.

Chris's crumpled-cassette tape affair came out looking really cool, actually. I'm not a big fan of the tiered ruffles in a dirty gray color that comprises the bottom half of the dress, but can see where he was going with it and it's appropriate for the challenge.

Ra'mon turns in an elegant, if imperfect, purple gown with some nice pleating details. Another one that's quite appropriate for the challenge.

Shirin shows us an unfortunately-puckery dress in light gray satin (every year, with the satin - the stuff has to be really smooth or it just looks like hell). At first, the model is wearing this grody-looking capelet, but takes it off quickly to reveal interesting detailing at the top of the dress. My favorite part is the dark sparkly detailing in the back, just barely noticeable.

(Project Rungay noted that a lot of these dresses are "walking away" gowns, and they're right.)

Epperson's gown... yikes. It's really heavy and overdone, with a big ol' wrap around the neck and a weird ruffly hem and it's just all wrong.

Irina's dress is lovely - a bit old-fashioned and bordering on matronly, with its nude color and lacy top, but the skirt moves beautifully and it's pleasing enough.

Oh dear, Ari's Space Diaper is up, paired with PANTALOONS of all fucking things. Lindsay gets all barfy in the face. The less said about this tinfoil-looking thing, the better.

Cueball presents us with a red gown that's cut deeply in the back. It's sort of Halston-y in how it flows, but the front falls a little oddly, giving it a sort of frumpiness.

Carol's dress would have been a lot better in a different color - I like the pleating/inverted seams, though it does some weird things to the model's boobs and could have been toned down a little.

Q - Ruched vomit on the runway! It's like lawnchair cushion fabric got into a fight with some purple satin. The back is quite nice, though. It's three, three, three dresses in one!

Logan, our Straight Guy, does a chip-looking gown with an interesting diagonal-zipper thing. See Shirin's entry for the satin thing. Crumply = not sexy.

Nicolas' dress is very short - much too short for red carpet, imo, but the black and silver strappy details are very nice. Heidi's eyes light up and she looks like she wants to rip it off the model right there!

Next up: Judging, and the first Auf'ing of the new season!

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