Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PR S6 Ep 1 Part II - Challenge Time!

It's morning, and the designers meet Tim at the red carpet of the Nokia theatre, currently set up for the Emmys. Fittingly, this first LA challenge will see the designers creating a red carpet look, with the focus being innovation and point of view. They'll have $200- to spend at Mood and a bit less than two days to put their look together. They've been randomly assigned models, and given cards with their model's measurements (this will be important later).

Tim sends them off for a half-hour of sketching before heading to Mood. Ari says to no one in particular, "what if we don't sketch?" Ruh-roh. The last person who "didn't sketch" was Angela Kesslar. Yeeeeah. Also, Ari is babbling something about "bulbous tesselation forms." This is either going to be very awesome, or very horrible, and I have a feeling which one it's going to be.

At LA's Mood, which is a much larger, airier space than its NYC counterpart, designers run wild. Q, hilariously, decides she'll buy her own damn scissors and cut her fabric herself, because the guy cutting is taking too long. I like a woman who goes for it!

Back in the workroom, everyone gets to work. Tim reminds them that innovation is key to the challenge. Johnny, whom I've decided to call Cueball, starts to show cracks immediately, doubting his ideas and feeling very much unsure of himself. Before the end of the first day, he's already talking about wanting to give up and go home. When you're used to turning to a substance to cope with those feelings, being without it is a huge obstacle. Poor guy. He ends up in the side room, crying, and Tim comes in to talk to him. After a pep talk and a hug, good ol' Tim has Cueball feeling much better and ready to get back in the saddle. Reason #456 why Tim is awesome: he seems to genuinely want all of these people to succeed.

Cueball returns to the workroom with a relieved smile. We see Curly Mullet doing a bunch of pleating and gathering. Carol has constructed this crazy-beautiful corded bodice thing. Adorable Chris learns what smocking is.

End of Day One!

Next up: Day Two, or, Space Halter-Diaper!

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