Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway Ep.7 Part III

STELLAAA!!! Whyyy???


When this was first shown in muslin, it was looking promising - and even when Tim expressed hesitation, I was thinking "let StellaBella do her thang." But in making the decision to step outside the box and do something different, she lost who she is as a designer and turned out a totally incoherent outfit. I love the vest, hate the skirt, hate both of them worn together. Until now she's been doing a good job balancing her aesthetic with the demands of the challenges; this went too far over into not-Stella.

Terri's look is hot hot HOT!


Girl used all kinds of materials and turned out a well-crafted, wearable, and stylish look. You'd definitely have to be tall and slender enough to wear those pants, though. Once again, I don't know why Terri didn't get recognition for this. She's the Susan Lucci of Project Runway!

Blayne, oh, Blayne...


What in the whatthehell is going on with the fit up top? Eeek. And the skirt... sadly, as I could have told him if he'd had the psychic foresight to call me personally and ask, that skirt looked like a car-wash flapper-sheet thing on the runway. The very first second I saw it from a distance, I thought, "Oooh!" and then... "Ohhhh, oh no." It looked like it would be really annoying and heavy to wear, as well. I don't hate the pieces of mirror, or at least I wouldn't if the top actually fit.

And last but not least, Joe:


This immediately reminded me of his Olympics design; there's a similar sporty motif going on. This is really more of a uniform look, but I like it for what it is. He used the materials well, the logo is cute (brother likes logos, doesn't he?), and while it's a little too literal for my tastes, it's pretty funky.

Heidi calls off the list of "safe" designers: Terri (whaaat? Come ON, judges!), Suede, Joe and Kenley, leaving Jerrell, Blayne, Korto, Leanne, Stella and Keith onstage.

Some words for Jerrell's outfit: "amazing," "intricate," "interesting," "wearable." Duchess Kors pronounces the styling "over-the-top, but appropriate." Jerrell is in!

Laura points out the poor fit of Blayne's dress. Kors calls it "a car wash skirt." (Score one for me!). Zoe mentions more than once that she wishes the skirt had ended at the knee (which would have indeed helped). Heidi says - and I quote - that breaking a mirror is "seven years' no sex." Wow, those Germans are fucking hardcore, eh? Blayne is in, to suffer another tan-less week!

Laura is complimentary in a sort of non-commital way to Korto's coat. Zoe says she wants to walk out the door with it. You and me both, Rachel! Duchess calls it "restrained drama." Korto is in!

The judges all swoon, and rightly so, over Leanne's dress. Kors says things like "fabulous silhouette, interesting but chic," and notes how well it's crafted. Zoe is "blown away" and says she can see Leanne going straight to Paris with that dress. Wooo! Not only is Leanne in; she WINS!

That leaves the final two: Stella and Keith. Please don't let them send Stella home; this is a perfect learning experience for her as a way to find her boundaries as a designer. The judges don't have much to say except that they didn't understand it; the pieces didn't go together; Kors says it's "a little random." Unfortunately, he's not wrong.

However, Keith digs it for himself when he starts blahblahblahing the judges with excuses again. He complains about the criticism he received for last week's Sad Chicken dress, and Kors essentially tells him to suck it up, this is fashion and you have to have a thick skin. Laura tells him she saw "no concept, no ideas," and Keith tells her that she should see his other stuff. Yeah, Keith, I'm pretty sure every designer on the show ever has wished they could bail out of a bad garment by showing their portfolio, but if they could, there wouldn't be a freaking show. Your outfit sucked and was boring, and the judges agree, and Keith is OUT.

Sadly, he's really really upset about the auf-ing, literally in tears. He wanted a way to GTFO of Utah and had hoped this would be the way. Ah, that sucks. He says that this outfit that got him auf'ed "isn't me; it's not my aesthetic." That's an awful shame, but at the same time, most of this stuff isn't anyone's aesthetic - how well you do on this show depends on how well you can pull stuff out of your arse in a day and a half. Just because this show isn't for you, Keith, doesn't mean you can't still be successful at designing toilet-paper dresses for sad chickens. Aw, crap, I can't be mean to him now that he's cried, damn it! I hated his stupid clothes, though. Ah well, good luck, Keith, and see you at the Reunion!

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