Friday, August 22, 2008

PR: Drag Queens! Part III

Keith. My buddy. We need to talk about your toilet-paper-strip fetish.


Because seriously, WTF? I get that that Sherry Vine's trademark is that her bra and panties are always showing. But I think Keith was counting on being able to sculpt those strips after Sherry put it on, and wasn't counting on her deciding to leave the fringe hanging. The overall effect of this dress is the same as that other toilet-paper dress, the NY at Night Challenge mess:


Was it Kors who used the phrase "sad chicken" for Sherry Vine's dress? Whoever it was, it was a good description. You need to start making more actual garments, Keith, before they auf yer arse!

Stella. Stella, Stella, Stella, Stella, Stella.


This is supposed to be DRAG, Stella! Plaid is never drag unless the queen is Patty O'Cakes or something. I get that she was going for rock'n'roll, and the reversed train was a cool idea, and the front is interesting, but it's just all wrong for Luisa Verde. The black stretch satin looked cheap and the whole effect is just kind of a head-scratcher. If only she'd gotten to work with Acid Betty, I wonder what she would have come up with!

And Kenley's dress, while very pretty and appropriate, just wasn't special enough to be anything but "safe."


This looked better on the runway, where the feathers had fluff and movement as Farrah Moans walked. That zipper and seams are a little crazy, though. All in all, a pretty standard Nice Gown, but not dramatic or special.

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