Saturday, August 23, 2008

Katie Holmes Must Be Stopped!

Katie! The jeans! Stop it with this!


First off, those aren't Tom's jeans. Her publicist tried to tell us that they're Tom's jeans, so Kate has to roll them up, because Kate is taller. Yes, that is exactly what she said. Just to clarify. Flack says Kate needs to roll up jeans that are too short for her. Yesss. If those are Tom's jeans, it's because he bought longs by accident and gave them to Katie instead of having them hemmed. Tom is like four freaking inches shorter than her.

Second. Katie. If you're going to make us gag with the tight-rolling, could you at least put some effort into that shit? That's like my worst sixth-grade tight-roll, right there.

Third. STOP WITH THE TIGHT-ROLLING. STOPPP. That shit died in the 80's, and needs to stay dead. And I say this as a very short person who, at the time, thought tight-rolling was a gift from the gods. Buy new jeans, I beg you. You're a fucking gazillionaire, you can afford jeans that fit!

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