Friday, August 22, 2008

PR: Drag Queens! Part IV

I'm not even mentioning the stupid probably-manufactured drama with Hedda Lettuce and Suede. Except for right there where I just mentioned it.


Sorry, Suede, but the first thing I thought when Hedda put this dress on was, "Oh look, a dinosaur!"

The little lettuce-y fleurchon things were a really cute idea, but from a distance they just looked really weird and lizardy when put with that print in that color. And the fit is off, too - whatever you call it when the skirt looks like that on the model, that's what that is.

Korto's dress totally wowed the judges; I liked it, but not as much as they did.


The flamelike/floral-like embellishment is great, but it really needed to be bigger and more... something. The take-off skirt was fab, but really, Korto can't get credit for it because it was Chris's idea. Still, for all her worrying about turning out a garment for such a large man (why though??? all of her designs are fucking huge!), she turned out a bold, bright, beautiful dress that made her client, Sweetie, feel like a million bucks.

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