Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gigi Edgley

Photo by Mark Robert Halper

Gigi Edgley is an Australian actress/performer/singer/all-around awesome person. I first discovered her in Farscape as the beguilingly badass little alien-on-the-run Chiana:


Chiana could deal with any situation, as long as she could "kick, kiss, or cry" her way out of it. And could she KICK! Check out the list of skills that Gigi brings to her roles, from her CV:

"Fire Twirling, Trapeze, Wire work, Aerobics, Body Surfing, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Jet Skier, Kayaker, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Motorcycle Riding - General, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Running - General, Running - Sprint, Scuba Diver, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Snorkeling, Surfing, Swimming - ability - general, Swimming - backstroke, Swimming - breast stroke, Swimming - freestyle, Water Skiing, Yoga, Comedian, Dance Jazz, Dancer, Firearms, Improvisation, Juggler, Licensed Driver, Martial Arts, Motorcyclist, Percussion, Singer, Stunts, Voiceover, Yoga, Australian Accent, British Accent, Cockney Accent, French Accent, German Accent, Irish Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent"
I met her on her 25th birthday at a con - I'm not a convention-goer normally; I went to help out with the Save Farscape campaign that was in full swing at the time, and she was there which made the icing on the cake! I made her some gifties and she was really lovely.

Can I just tell you, how fucking weird it is to go up to an actor at a table at a convention and give them money for a photo and autograph? While it is absolutely part of how they make their money, and yes they are providing a service... it's so weird and awkward. It's like paying someone to talk to you. Bizarre. I was happy to have an excuse to give her presents and just chill for a few minutes and then dash back to the Save Farscape booth. I got a photo, which I love for the sentimental value, but of course she's like 7 inches taller than me and has a dancer's body, so I felt like a big ol' cow standing next to her. Or a little ol' cow, I guess. How vain am I?! Geez.

Anyway, these days she's busy as usual, acting, but also co-writing a music/comic-book project called Blue Shift with writer Brian Meredith and musician Kyle Stevens. I haven't had the opportunity to see any of the stories yet, but there's a 3-song EP that's very cool. I have "Fall" on my MySpace profile.

For your enjoyment, the very first live performance of "Fall," at the 2007 Farscape Convention in Burbank. Wow, a singer who just sings, without using a bunch of voice-perfecting ProTools! So refreshing, especially considering that she was so nervous she was about to fall over. Goooo Gigi!!!

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