Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stupid Fun at the DNC


The Crystal Pepsi Guys!

"Who are we? Just some guys here in Denver, trying to have our voice heard. Trying to make a difference. Trying to have a little fun. Brian (sic) child of my roommate, and recent college grad, Peter."

They were first spotted in the background of a newscast from the Democratic National Convention:


Their Manifesto:
"The time for change is now, and the choice is clear, crystal clear. CRYSTAL PEPSI! It's like drinking hope. For us, Crystal Pepsi is freedom in a can. Our platform is based on peace, love, and Crystal Pespi. Down with war, up with Crystal Pepsi. For us it's not about politics, it's only about Crystal Pepsi. This is a movement that we can all get behind, it unifies us to our very core, Crystal Pepsi. The foundation of America is Crystal Pespi."

I had to take a break to stop giggling, before continuing to read:

"In all honesty, for me, it's kind of nice to lighten the mood a little bit. Everybody is down there, protesting, screaming about a cause, yelling at one another about how the other person is wrong. It can be kind of a tense situation. It's nice to walk away putting a smile on someone's face, getting a high five, and hearing someone say we represent a movement we can all get on board with. People initially hear the "protest" coming, you can see the look on their face, "Great, what are these people marching and carrying on about?" When they discover our cause is Crystal Pepsi, there is an overwhelming feeling of relief, followed by immediate support."

In a city that's full of people yelling at each other and taking themselves far too seriously, it's good to see these guys taking some of the tension down. Is it stupid? Of course. But sometimes the Angry Protesters need a little stupid fun. How fucking random is Crystal Pepsi??? I love it! I'd change one thing, though - instead of hoping to unite the parties with their love of Crystal Pepsi, they should try to unite them in their loathing of Crystal Pepsi. 'Cause Crystal Pepsi was NAST.

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