Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway: Drag Queens! Part II

So, this week Chris March is the challenge announcer and tours the work room with Tim, but isn't judging. That duty will be fulfilled by RuPaul!


Oh, dear... I adore RuPaul, but she's looking a little un-fabulous today. You okay, girl?

There are still 11 designers, so let's get going!


Leanne chose Sharon Needles (ay, what an awful name), and I have to say, I agree with Tim's Take - this should have been a Top Three. This dress is stunning. I wanted to hear a critique of it and learn more about its construction.

Actually, this is one week where I wish they'd rejigged things for time and critiqued every single garment at the show.


Jerrell chose LeMay and made her look like she'd had a terrible transporter accident with Liza Minelli and a swamp. Yikes. Jerrell has good ideas, but he missed the mark on this one. Dark, drab, too poofy in the wrong places, and that fringe is just matronly.

Apparently Blayne was designing for the Rainbow Power Ranger, instead of Miss Understood:

*shakes head* Although she did have to go through the door sideways, which does earn some points!

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