Friday, September 5, 2008

Project Runway Ep. 8, Part II

... I last left our rabid, cutthroat designers as Tim prepares to do his walkthroughs. He starts with Suede who, being in love with camouflage or totally feeling it or completely obsessed with it, pick a hyperbole, has chosen a vaguely camo-colored pattern to make one big ol' fugly-ass PTA-Mom dress. It's sleeveless and the bottom of it is huge, guaranteed to make even the model look like she's got some serious hips going on. He's also made an ugly and incoherent herringbone vest with a high popped collar. Tim's puzzled, and convinces Suede to re-think the bottom of the dress. I think he might consider staging a circus underneath it.

Leanne's making a beautiful deep-blue solid-color dress with a wonderful jacket that is still in its "sloppy" stage, but has huge potential. Joe has an orange mandarin-type top with a bright pink belt and black skirt, with a pretty fug-looking lined hooded shawl. It's looking pretty craft-project at this stage. Korto's got a print dress under which she's going to put bright canary-yellow fabric. Tim objects to the yellow showing at the shoulder straps, saying it looks like bra straps that escaped. Kenley is making a simple sihouette with a high neck and matching hem - it's really nicely done, and Tim "sees Shanghai," but there's some concern over her only doing one piece.

Stella is making a wool suit of vest and pants, with a cape. Tim is sooo ready to hate it. He asks Stella what she thought of last week's criticisms. Her response: they were BS, they were clueless and not open-minded, and, I quote, "I think the stylist with the oversized muumuu and the waistband didn't know any better." Tim quickly asides, "Sorry Rachel Zoe, we mean that only in the nicest way," and Stella shoots back - get this! - "No I don't, I really mean it!" Laughter from some other designers and much laughter here at home. You freaking go, Stella! God, how did you survive on this show so long with the whole saying-what-you-think thing?

Fast-forward to the next day, Runway Day!

After getting instructions from Tim to BlahBlahBlah the BlahBlah Product Wall et cetera, the real fun begins. Terri opines solemnly: "We're. So. Screwed." Nobody feels they have enough time to finish. Kenley is wearing the most inexplicable uggo top - it's like her hairanimals have begun breeding and are hanging out on her shoulders. People are snarking about other designers' clothing. Terri is making fantastic pants. Jerrell is perching one of those minature Boy Scout hats atop his model's hairdo. Uh-oh!

Joe feels his look is polished, SO polished, in fact, that it "might get lost in all the crap that's going down the runway." I'm looking at that mess, Sloppy Joe, and I think you might be getting farsighted over there. The outfit is puckery, has uneven seams, and is poorly fitted on his model. Leanne interviews that she is surprised he's still there. Me too, Leanimal, me too.

Next: The Runway Show!

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