Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leave Sienna Miller Alooone!


I don't even know this woman and she could be a total horrid bitch for all I know, but I'm ready to pull a Chris Crocker over here.

She's dating Balthazar Getty, who apparently left his wife for her, or left his wife just before hooking up with her, or whatever. The point being that society always brands "the other woman" as a whore, a homewrecker, a slut. Meanwhile, the man? Not a whisper. Hell, he's a hero for scoring another chick, right? Getty might get shit for leaving a wife with four kids, but at the end of the day it's all Sienna's fault! He couldn't help it! She seduced him away with her evil wiles! He was bewitched! OMG BURN HER SHE'S A WITCH! (She turned me into a newt!)

Don't get me wrong - there's nothing we women love more than hating on a slut. I imagine there's some complex evolutionary psychology that goes into that. We might pretend to be above it, but we love it. And there are certainly women who earn scorn. But whatthefuck is with the Scarlett Letter-style shit that is going on here? Ever since Miller got together with Getty, the headlines have been shouting about what a horrible homewrecking heifer she is.

And then someone did this to her house:


(Tangent: That is one ugly mo'fo-ing house!)

Imagine coming out of your house and seeing that, while having a bunch of paps gathered around you snapping away.


Jesus H. Christ. So now, apparently, she is moving out of the country. I somehow doubt this is the sole reason, but it certainly must be a driving motive.

A quote from her mother:
"It's disgusting that she can not live in her own country. Now she's going to have to leave the country to get on with life. She can't live here now. Why is it that if a man leaves his wife the new woman gets all the shit? That doesn't happen the other way round."
Ma Miller is right. The woman automatically gets all of the shit, regardless of whether there's maybe the possibility that, I dunno, there are two people involved. I've never understood the auto-hate for a woman who dates a married man. If Getty did cheat on his wife, how does that make Sienna a whore, exactly? I'm pretty sure that makes Getty the whore, given that he's the one who made marriage vows, but of course men are incapable of such low things, right? Women are evil temptresses who will lure your man away and they must be shamed! Publicly!


Images via Dlisted

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