Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PR Ep.8 Part IV: Nooooo!

Continuing with the garments!

Kenley's dress, despite the totally barfy print, came out really well:


She totally played it safe by making just the dress - I really would have loved to have seen a coat with this. But, all things considered, it's beautifully-made and well-fitted. I love the matching trim. She only had a yard and a half of that barfy fabric - that's what I call cutting well!

And lastly, Leathuh Stella:


Aw, crap. This isn't made well. Those pants needed to be skinny-skinny, and the fit up top doesn't work (though I like the fabrics she used). The cape was just jacked-up. Still, I didn't think it was half as bad as the judges did. You're telling me this was worse than Blayne's fucking polka-dot pantaloons and Suede's craft-kid vest?

Bah, getting ahead of myself. So, the judges do their thing, and the safe designers are: Terri, Jerrell, and Blayne, leaving Korto, Joe, Kenley, Leanne, Stella and Suede on the runway. Let's start the ripping!

Korto is safe! Her vision was "freedom," and her choice of cut and colors carried it well. Fern calls the print "captivating." It is pretty damn cool. Just, that yucky sweater! Anyway, good job Korto!

Now for the wiener: It's Leanne! DvF loves that there's "a lot of good design" in the look. Fern is pleasantly surprised by the back ruffling. Heidi notes how much thought Leanne put into the construction. Hooray for Leanne! She wanted to win with immunity and she did.

Kenley thinks she "nailed" THE dress for the collection, and asks DvF if she agrees. Heidi answers by way of trashing Kenster's dress as too ordinary and only one piece. Hee hee hee. But! Then DvF looks over at Heidi and says she likes the dress. Fern and Kors follow up with praise. Don't you guys know Heidi is the producer? You don't make the producer look like a dumbass! Unless you're DvF, and then you can do whatever you want. Kenley and the barf print are both safe.

Suede seriously thinks his look is "sexy." Uh, Suede? I know you claim you're bisexual, but if you think a woman looks "sexy" in that getup, you're a deluded gay man, OK? But even though the judges hate the ugly, unflattering design, Suede is safe, to third-person us some more next week.

That leaves two designers in the bottom: Joe and Stella. Why am I not looking at Blayne and Suede up there? Jesus.

The judges rip Joe for his disastrously-constructed garment - the hem of which DvF pronounces "unacceptable." They also hate the open back - DvF notes you shouldn't turn around in it. Kors kindly says it's "not cohesive."

DvF points out that Stella's cape silhouette is from the wrong era. Heidi says that Stella gave them three pieces and did none of them well. Maybe not, but none of the three were as bad as a single one of Joe's pieces. The judges disagree, and Stella is OUT.

Stella seems slightly relieved, and says her ego was too big for the place, anyway. Hee. She notes that she has learned and grown from the experience. Tim is actually glad to tell Stella to go pack up, and makes no secret of it. I want to smack him. I do make a barfy face when they both do that fakey-kissy "I adore you and love you" thing - Stella, why play into that crap?

What bullshit. Is Stella the best designer on the show? No. Should she go to Bryant Park? I don't think so. However, for her to get sent home before Blayne or Suede, and for her outfit to be axed over Joe's fugly, half-finished mess, is just another example of producer bullshittery. And Tim was just so mean to Stella, as if she's so far beneath him. Luckily, she's a big girl and will do just fine without PR. Sorry to see you go, Stella - it was tremendous fun having you in our living room for eight weeks!

And with that recap done, I can finally go get caught up on all this week's posts at Project Rungay and Blogging Project Runway! I've been jonesing but I don't read anything PR until I've finished the recap. Yay!

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