Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PR Ep. 8 Part III: Let's Get a Fecking Move On!

Holee shit, I'm so late. Real life has offered a fabulously crap set of challenges this past week. So, I'm rolling in with less than a day to go until Ep. 9 to finish recapping Ep. 8. I'm gonna be like TWOP at this rate, tee hee (no disrespect, TWOP!). I didn't have time to do screencaps for the backs of a couple of the garments, but will do my best to describe them.

Runway Day! The guest judge, of course, is Diane von Furstenberg. Filling in for Nina, who is probably still trying to slip Slowey a mickey, is the fab Fern Mallis, who is wearing some sort of button necklace that I WANT.

First up, Sloppy Joe's mandarin monstrosity:


I think he was shooting for asymmetrical closures on the top, but it just looks like they're uneven. The outfit has a really ugly open back that shows that the back seam of the belt is uneven, as well as the seam of the skirt. The hooded capelet looks slack, sad and shiny-cheap. This is what he calls "polished?" Oh, dear. I think it says something that in the above photo, the model is hiding most of the outfit.

Luckily, Karalyn saves us all from retinal suicide by walking Leanne's incredible design:


I wasn't able to get a screencap of it, but the feature of this dress was an unexpected cascade of ruffles down the back. A risk to use a solid fabric, but she knocked it out of the park. The shape of the coat is divine and the whole thing was beautifully constructed. If this girl doesn't make it to Bryant Park, I'm gonna be pissed.

I just realized something about Terri - she has a great eye and makes impeccable trousers and blazers, but the fabrics and cuts she chooses for tops are UGLY. I first noticed in the Olympic challenge, and it's kind of been a theme - many of her outfits, I love except for the shirt she makes for it. This week's outfit was no exception, with a fireworks pattern (cleverly chosen, though, for the reference to China!). Well, there was one exception: WTF in Jesus' Friday Wig is going on in the crotch of these pants?


Yikes. I think that model will not be including this appealing shot in her portfolio. That coat is awesome - the lapel is a little much for me, but it had a great swing on the runway and was very well-made.

Jerrell: I'm... I don't even know what to say about this fucking thing:


Jesus, it's another Men On Film hat. I just wanted to flick it off her head. So did she, I imagine.

This looks a lot less offensive in print than it did on the runway. The way the top moved, it was like the model was leaking gold fabric out of her abdomen. The hem on the skirt is totally uneven. The blue belt is just nonsensical. And sorry Jerrell, but your fetish for stupid hats is becoming grating.

And now for something completely different:

Korto put together a really lovely, sophisticated design that was VERY von Furstenburg, and then fucked it up by topping it with a bulky, dated, 80's-looking shrunken sweater with bell sleeves:


The judges loved the little sweater. It was actually well-made and might've looked great on something with a less-voluminous lower body line. I imagine a non-model looking pretty frumpified in this combo. The yellow burst of fabric, however, was a bold and clever move that really made an impact.

Blayne - Two words: Polka-dot pantaloons.



Okay, Suede actually "loves" his outfit. I don't understand, but here it is:


Look at that model. She's all like "I can't believe I have to try and make this jacked-up shit look good." I'm so disgusted that Suede's still on the show, honestly. He has no idea how to fit clothes on a woman's body. The model could start a tent community under that skirt, and it's not a good look. The vest is not only ugly and poorly made, it's incongruous. This earns an exasperated headshake from us here at The Boogie House.

NEXT: The last two designs walk, and I do some grumbling!

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