Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ladies, gentlemen, and fellow bitches, I hereby link you to what is hands-down, my favorite collection of this entire year - Alexander McQueen Spring 2010.  (Link goes to the video posted on McQueen's site; there's a version on YouTube in 4 parts, but it's got this distressing stream-quality jerkiness that started making me seasick so I'd recommend you just go to the source.)

Caution: NSFW due to a smidge of artistic nudity and one model with a boob out.  Though I'd caution that regardless, if someone at work catches you watching this show, they're going to think you're creepy and weird.

This is alien and reptilian and watery and Aliens and completely freaking AMAZING.  If you check Tom & Lorenzo, they've got some close-up photos of the insane shoes.  I covet the last two pairs: that steampunk-looking faux-reticulated heel, and that monster shoe that looks like HR Giger designed it.  The show itself was beautiful; I loved the moving cameras, that dance of machinery.

Let us take a moment to pity the poor hungry models who had to walk so far in such crazy shoes.  OK that's enough.  Go watch!

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